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    Admissions Process

    Detailed step by step enrollment process
    Parents Contact Dubai Autism Center Via Phone/Visit/Email, and parents are contacted by Family and Clinic coordinator (F & C Coordinator) and Child's details such as Age, Previous Diagnosis report Etc. along with the parents, concerns are noted and a brief of the Center and the procedures are explained.
    Upon agreement, F& C Coordinator gives an appointment for an initial consultation which is chargeable. On the day of Consultation, the ِAutism Program Head and General Practitioner prepares the case history of the child. Based on the Case history and other details collected the consultation is done to decide if the child needs an assessment.
    If assessment is required and parents agree to take the assessment then F& C Coordinator gives the appointment (1 or 2 day Assessment) for assessment which is Chargeable. Assessment is done in Two parts, Psychological / Educational ( Day 1 ) and Speech / OT ( Day 2 ). Assessment Report will be prepared and compiled by the Multi Disciplinary Team and given to the parents.
    Clinic Multi Disciplinary Team will decide if the child needs to be enrolled in DAC as a student. If Parents agree to enrollment the student in DAC, F and C Coordinator will guide them to the admission process and provide them to fill the necessary forms such as Registration Form, Acceptance Letter, Fees Policy, Students.
    Registration and Tuition fees collected from Parents in Finance
    Finance informs the head of Education about the completion of registration process and Child is taken to the class on the agreed day

    For admission, please contact: