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    Through our assessment and diagnosis unit, clinical services will provide screening, identification, assessment, and diagnosis of ASD and other associated conditions on all children referred to the DAC for assessment, enrollment, and intervention purposes.

    Our clinic serves the community as a full-fledged assessment and intervention unit that will use the latest measures in the screening, identification, assessment, and diagnosis of ASD and other associated conditions.


    It is important that the child receives the specialized care services they deserve. The therapeutic programs offered at the Dubai Autism Center can play a crucial role in developing the abilities of children with autism to overcome many of the challenges of autism.

    The Center’s therapeutic programs include speech and communication therapy, occupational therapy services and sensory integration therapy. With the support of center specialists and our world-class facilities, we can give children with autism the factors they need to reach their highest levels of independence within the community.


    Through our Learning Space, children with autism will receive educational and therapeutic programs both within and outside the classroom setting.

    With an in-house holistic curriculum, our special education program will be a a model educational program for educating children with ASD in UAE.

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    Each child with Autism at The Dubai Autism Center is provided with an individual educational plan (IEP) that is highly personalized to reflect the unique qualities of each child and addresses the child’s specific special education needs.

    Dubai Autism Center boasts of complying with international standards and providing intensive one-on-one sessions, with emphasis on developing communication and interaction skills, increasing attention, promoting ‘learning to learn’, establishing life, leisure and vocational skills and fostering independence.

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    We have an arts and crafts workshop for students to express their creative talents, as well as a display area and library where they can exhibit their work and store their art books.

    We have two outdoor swimming pools offering hydrotherapy for students’ relaxation and exercise. Our lifeguards are on-duty throughout the day, and thorough safety measures are in place to ensure students are cared for while enjoying their time outside.

    Our gym is fitted with exercise equipment for every age group, as well as an obstacle course and space for various sporting activities. We also run a number of fitness classes, including yoga and martial arts, and our virtual reality corner is used by students to improve their coordination and learning. With so much to choose from, the gym is a great place for enhancing physical, emotional and cognitive health.


    As the number of children diagnosed with Autism is increasing, it has bought home the fact that parents, professionals and caregivers need to develop their abilities to support children with Autism in the UAE.

    The center launched a training program with the tagline “gain and retain”. This project is to give professionals and families the opportunity to develop their technical skills and expand their knowledge of Autism.